How to Make Healthier Food Selections

A good diet can benefit your health in a number of ways. It can help you shed weight or preserve your desired weight. It also can reduce your cholesterol and prevent certain health issues. Generally, a healthy diet keeps your body running on a daily basis. Here are the healthy food choices options you can begin making today.


When buying any grain products, prioritize those with whole grains as the primary ingredient. For example, whole-wheat flour or whole grain breads. This type of grain are rich in fiber and have low fat levels. They also consist of complex carbohydrates (carbs), which help you feel full longer and prevent you from eating too much. 

Fruits and Veggies

Naturally, vegetables and fruits have low fat levels. Veggies and fruits give lots of variety and flavor to your meals. Fruits and vegetables supply you with lots of vitamins, fiber and minerals. Avoid putting in unneeded fats when preparing them as your meal. Foods like sour cream, butter and mayo should be avoided. Instead, use healthy oils, herbs or yogurt as their alternative.


  • Beef, pork, veal, and lamb 
When selecting meats, go for lean cuts with low fat level. You can identify lean veal and beef by the "round"or "loin" label. Remove the outer fat layer before you cook them. Before eating, remove fats that you can separate from the inside. Use herbs, spices, and low-sodium marinades to season meat. The best technique of preparing meats are to broil, bake, roast and grill them. Try to avoid gravies or sauces with high fat levels.

  • Non-meat proteins
If you do not eat meat, you can go for lentils, beans and peas for your supply of protein. You'll still get the protein you require from these options. These are very popular foods for those on the vegetarian or vegan diet. You can replace meat with beans in your dishes.


Pick skim or non-dairy milk, like soy, rice, or almond milk. Part-skim and low fat types of cheese can be used in your food preparation. You can use non-fat or Greek yogurt instead of sour cream for many kinds of dishes. Try combining them with fruit for dessert. Alternatives for ice cream can be either soft-serve frozen yogurt or skim sherbet as they have lower levels of fat.

Fats, oils, and sweets

Consuming high-fat foods add unnecessarily high levels of calories to your diet. Consequently, this can cause health concerns like obesity and increase of weight. It's known that eating high amounts of fat can cause heart diseases, osteoarthritis, cancers and diabetes. Eating too much trans and saturated fats increase your cholesterol levels and risk of heart problems.

It's important to drink lots of water in order to stay healthy. Nonetheless, sugar-sweetened drinks contain lots of sugar and calories. Drinks such as fruit juices, energy drinks and soda are those that have high quantities of sugar. You can just drink plain water as their replacement.

Some aspects to take into consideration

Dieting is not the only component of staying healthy. Start exercising regularly and make healthier decisions when choosing your next meal. Give up smoking cigarettes if you've already developed the habit. Decreasing alcohol intake is also a beneficial habit. You can always talk to your medical professional if you require help to stop drinking or smoking.


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